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Honors & Certifications

Data Centre Construction Quality Award
Sponsored by China Association for Engineering Construction Standardisation (CECS) and jointly organised by China Data Centre Committee (CDCC) and Integrated Wiring Working Group, the 2015 China Data Centre Forum cum China’s Excellent Data Centre Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing from November 19 to 20. The event attracted 2,000 participants, including data centre technology experts from design institutes and other sectors such as finance, IDC, and operators and experts from leading manufacturers and the media. The “Data Centre Construction Quality Award” in the 2015 China Excellent Data Centre Awards fully recognises TGT Dongguan for its infrastructure reliability.

LEED Gold Pre-Certification
The U.S. Green Building Council’s green building rating system has granted LEED Gold Pre-Certification to TGT Dongguan in recognition of its contribution and achievements towards the global green initiative.