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Nov 20, 2015 :  Received “Data Centre Construction Quality Award” from China Data Centre Working Group in the 2015 China Excellent Data Centre Awards
Nov 5-7, 2015 :  Attended Shenzhen International Finance Expo as a joint venture under Shenzhen Financial Electronic Settlement Centre, attracting many customers
Oct 19-21, 2015 :  As a sponsor of BSI Summits in Shanghai and Shenzhen, respectively, shared insights with many participants about the importance of data security
Oct 15-18, 2015 :  Participated in Shanghai International Finance Expo, attracting a number of banking customers for visits and talks
Sep 8, 2015 :  Joined Dongguan Big Data Association, becoming a leader of the big data trend
Aug 25, 2015 :  Joined Dongguan Association of Financial Services Outsourcing as a supervisor
Jun 17-19, 2015 :  Participated in the China International Software & Information Service Fair upon invitation of Guangdong Board of Investment Promotion, and received provincial government officials
Jun 11, 2015 :  Joined the Internet of Things Association of Dongguan, as a unit with the status of Vice Director and received a plaque confirming the status from a provincial government official
Nov 6-8, 2014 :  Attended Shenzhen International Finance Expo, attracting wide attention from local media
Nov 28-30, 2014 :  Attended Beijing International Finance Expo, capturing the attention of many financial customers thanks to the high-standard infrastructure