Products & Services

Site Resources

  • Independent Standard Cabinets
    We offer our customers carrier-class data centre cabinet services. We provide power and room facilities protection services. Each cabinet is equipped with an independent security lock
  • VIP Server Room
    Providing VIP Server Room customisation services according to customers’ needs
  • Regular Server Room space
    Setting aside sufficient regular room space for customers to choose from
  • Electricity beyond the limit
    Customers who need extra power for independent cabinet and VIP Server Room services can purchase additional electricity
  • Site Customisation Service
    Providing customers with services in areas outside the main server room. Office support areas are mainly used for customers to perform management, maintenance and operation on their own equipment and handle office tasks. Main office support areas include command centre, testing rooms, lounges, offices, meeting rooms, warehouses, and customer operations rooms
  • Entry of Equipment Service
    Helping customers’ equipment enter the site